• FACTS Token支持1:1兑换BKC的公告

    FACTS Token将于2019年4月28日-2019年5月28日支持1:1兑换BKC。届时需要兑换BKC的用户需将所持有的FACTS Token打入BKC自动转币地址,系统将自动兑换并返还打币账号等额BKC。

  • FACTS成为Gate.io Startup项目甄选区第三期项目


  • 假新闻必死,谣言的丧钟已敲响 FACTS 引领事实时代到来


What is FACTS?

The core of FACTS is to construct a set of "fact content incentive mechanism" based on blockchain technology, namely Proof of Facts (PoF), and thus form a real trusted content library based on Facts Graph.

Based on the incentive mechanism to ensure high-quality output of real content, it solves the problems of the proliferation of false content on the Internet, lack of creative motivation, and low communication efficiency.

FACTS Content Structure

The Facts Pool refers to all content aggregation after the content jury has voted through. The Facts Graph is the content of the mesh structure stored by the fact content pool after being structured based on artificial intelligence technology.

The affiliation can be expressed as:

FACTS Graph < FACTS Pool < All Content

FACTS Business Models

FACTS Technical Characteristics

FACTS Usage Scenarios

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Content Platforms of Blog Encyclopedia and Forum
  • Q&A Content Platforms
  • Content Aggregation Platforms
  • Industry special information Retrieval and Reference Service
  • News and Information Platforms
  • Basic Content Supplier Service for AI industry

FACTS milestone



  • Yuan Du

    CEO & CSO

    Senior expert in mobile internet security

    Blockchain Technology Architect

  • Sweeny Li


    Community operation and product expert


  • Mona Lan


    Senior expert in banking investment, with many years of experience in primary market and secondary market

  • David Dai


    Full stack engineer

    Former Chief Architect of Interactive Open Source Software HDwiki

  • Robin Liu


    Technical expert in advertising platform

    a former architecture leader of NQ Live


  • Liren Chen

    Used to be CTO of Passiontec, technology leader of 360 mobile search and CTO of Panguso.

  • Yuqian

    Founder of Foxit Software

    Founder of Foxit Software,served as the Technical Director at Lyrehc and Bexcom.

  • Binsheng

    Distinguished Professor at Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences , and block chain torchbearer and early investor.

  • Kevin Wen

    Partner at Ceyuan Ventures and Ceyuan Digital Assets. President and Director of the Light In The Box.

  • Lucas Lu

    Co-founder and former Chief Technology Officer of the Light In The Box. Founder of the Cyber miles blockchain project.

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